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About Toads (bufonidae bufo)

Toads are amphibians, the class of animals that spend their time as eggs and tadpoles underwater and the remainder of their lives on land. They are nocturnal hunters, catching insects and other small animals with long sticky tongues. They take shelter in cool locations during the day. You can find toads everywhere except the cold, polar regions of the world and Australia.

Most toads are warty fellows protected from becoming the main course of larger animals by the poison glands behind their eyes that emit a milky substance when they are caught. Toads are chubby with shorter legs than frogs. Thus they walk more than hop. Toads have no teeth, (Recall Beatrix Potter's Mrs. Tittlemouse offering the toad, Mr. Jackson some cherry stones for dinner and he declines, “No teeth, no teeth, no teeth.”)

One interesting fact is that toads and frogs both stem from the order anura. The toad family, bufonidae splits off from the frog family, ranidae. The family bufonidae, contains more than 300 species, the majority of these are toads of the genus bufo.

Although the biology of a toad protects it from being eaten, it has no protection against pollution and the changes that global warming bring. All amphibians are very vulnerable to these assaults and could become extinct.

About Toad House

With Toad House Publishing established, it became apparent that feeding the creative, artistic energies of the community with a place for the artists to come together would be the next step. In 2010, the historic home of one of the early residents of Ladysmith was purchased and a massive rebuilding effort was undertaken.

It became known as Toad House, standing high on a hill near the intersection of the two main highways in Ladysmith. On the property is an enchanted forest with a deep ravine that collects the snowmelt in the spring, providing a hangout for the real toads that live on the grounds of Toad House.

Toad House is an art museum and gift gallery with original art and prints for sale by local artists from the Rusk Area Arts Alliance. When you visit Toad House, you can enjoy specialty bakery made from scratch using family recipes. Featured are our sourdough breads, German Brotchen, sweet rolls, tortes, cheese cakes, and other European delicacies. You can enjoy these artisan baked goods knowing that your bakers use no mixes, hydrogenated fats, corn syrups, or preservatives. You can enjoy the organic and fair trade coffees and teas, freshly squeezed lemonade, and iced tea with your treats.

eileen@toadhousepublishing.com | Phone : 715-532-3209 |  7425 Old 14 Rd | Ladysmith, WI | 54848