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About us

Eileen L. Ziesler (author/publisher) worked toward her master's degree in special education between 1973 and 1977 while becoming a mother to three children. In 1978, Janelle Thompson (illustrator) was also a young mother with two little girls. When her oldest child, Jenny, did not follow the expected developmental trajectory, Eileen became Jenny's first teacher. As part of the early childhood program, Eileen made visits to Jenny's home where she and Jenny's mother became good friends.

Twenty-four years passed and Eileen retired from the early childhood program to other dreams of writing and community involvement. In those same years Janelle developed her talent for creating wildlife watercolors. Jenny grew up and gained employment in the community. Through a mentoring program in 2004, Jenny and Eileen found each other again and became friends. Because of Jenny, Eileen and Janelle renewed their friendship and collaborated on their first picture book, TOADS and second book, Little Sprout.

Andrea Korpinen, (illustrator of The Hungriest Chickadee) loves birds and especially chickadees. After painting a watercolor piece of a bear looking at a little chickadee, she conceived of the storyline of a hungry little chickadee searching for seeds, asking all the animals in the woods if they have seeds to share. Eileen later wrote the story in poem form for young children. She created a song from the text and the sounds made by chickadees in the woods. Andrea's watercolor illustrations make use of her many original paintings of chickadees and of the original piece of the bear and chickadee that first inspired the story.

Pegeen Snoeyenbos, writing under the name of Pegeen Snow, has had many books published in the 1980s. Pegeen and her husband, Milt now share their home with three cats from the animal shelter and when they adopted their most recent addition, a new kitten, the antics of the cats inspired the story, And Here's Your New Sister! John Houseman's vivid colors and modern style captures the mood and qualities of the cats and humans in this story that introduces children to pet adoption from animal shelters.

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